Saved by Grace. Is it Enough?

…I could not merely wish to make a good living. Wishing for that direct deposit check to magically show up in my bank account makes reason stare and wouldn’t feed my kids. To take advantage of the opportunity before me, I had to invest years of consistent back-breaking work, blood, sweat, and tears to achieve my temporal goals. There were and are no short cuts.

His Eye is on the Sparrow Then & Now

His Eye is on the Sparrow Then & Now

The Cosmetics of a Queen

You can’t get this bit unless you know the Old Testament story of Esther. Her beauty regiment can only be understood after reading and pondering her epic story of courage and faith (Old Testament, Esther 1-10). Her foundation of Virtue, powder of humility, lipstick of kindness, mascara of obedience, and perfume of courage are all…

His Day

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